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For everyone who has problems or doesn't know how to unpack z01, z02, files, follow this simple procedure: install the latest version of winzip or winrar, open only the zip files (ignore z01, z02 etc...), select the content and extract somewhere. That's all.


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Friday, October 20, 2017

Sting - 1991-11-30 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

FM > Cassette(low gen) > CDR > Flac

Sting vocals, bass
Dominic Miller guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta drums
David Sancious keyboards (and also guitar during Purple Haze)

Disc 1
01) Interview 11:12
02) All This Time 4:31
03) Jeremiah Blues 6:52
04) Mad About You 5:10
05) Driven to Tears 4:09
06) Ain’t No Sunshine 4:57
07) Why Should I Cry For You > Be Still my Beating Heart 8:36
08) Roxanne 5:06
09) Bring On the Night > When The World Is Running Down... 8:58
10) King Of Pain 6:50

Disc 2
01) Fortress Around Your Heart 3:03
02) The Wild Wild Sea 5:49
03) The Soul Cages 6:21
04) Purple Haze 2:43
05) If You Love Somebody Set Them Free > We'll Be Together Tonight 6:49
06) Walking On The Moon >
07) Every Breath You Take 6:45
08) Message In A Bottle
09) Fragile 4:54

Length: 112 Min

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

HELP with this one: VAN HALEN Live in Caracas - 1/16/83

(FM broadcast FLAC)


mp3 here
FLAC ... still missing

I'm So Glad
Format: Compact Disc
Label: Element of Crime (elements-026)
Source: Live in Caracus - 1/16/83

Romeo Delight 3:49
Unchained 6:10
The Full Bug 3:22
Runnin With The Devil 3:00
Jamies Cryin 3:47
Little Guitars 4:43
Dance The Night Away 3:11
Somebody Get Me A Doctor/I'm So Glad 8:30
Little Dreamer 3:05
Mean Street 4:26
Secrets 3:33
Everybody Wants Some! 7:03
Ice Cream Man 3:35
Intruder 1:59
(Oh) Pretty Woman 2:56
Eruption 1:09
Aint Talkin Bout Love 4:58
Bottoms Up! 3:33
You Really Got Me 3:35

Total Time - 76:24

Bon Jovi - 2002-09-11 - Tokyo, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

closed circuit broadcast > VHS > stand alone > demux/reauthor > DVD

01. Hook Me Up
02. Livin' On A Prayer
03. You Give Love A Bad Name
04. Everyday
05. Born To Be My Baby
06. Just Older
07. Undivided
08. Bounce
09. The Distance
10. Wanted Dead Or Alive
11. Keep The Faith
12. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
13. I'lll Sleep When I'm Dead
14. Bad Medicine

encore 1:

15. Joey
16. Blood On Blood

encore 2:

17. It's My Life
18. America The Beautiful

length: 107 minutes

Filmed live at "Zepp Tokyo" - a venue much smaller than those Bon Jovi normally plays at.
This was originally broadcast in a few select theaters as a closed circuit - special invitation only show in Japan. It was only broadcast once.

Little Richard - 1990-xx-xx - Stockholm, SWE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Stockholm Jazz & Blues Festival
Stockholm, Sweden

SVT Malmo Broadcast

Trade Mpeg File from VHS, no Menu.

THIS TORRENT: mpeg file > TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 > VIDEO_TS

VIDEO: Mpeg-2, PAL, 4x3, 720x576, 25fps, 8865 Kb/s
AUDIO: AC3, 48000 Hz, 2 Channel, 384 kb/s

Top Menu with Track Selection

1. Intro
2. Lucille
3. Keep A Knockin'
4. Baby What You Want Me To Do
5. Roll Over Beethoven
6. Tutti Frutti
7. Send Me Some Lovin'
8. The Girl Can't Help It

9. Clip Compilation

R.E.M. - 1998-11-02 - Hamburg, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)


TV > VHS tape (master) > stand-alone DVD recorder (HQ-modus) > DVD > video_ts folder > you 

System: PAL 
Aspect ratio: 4:3 
Video: 720 x 576, 9300 Kbps average, 25 fps 
Audio: AC3-A52, 256 Kbps 

01 Losing My Religion 
02 Electrolite 
03 Lotus 
04 Parakeet 
05 New Test Leper 
06 Daysleeper 
07 Sad Professor 
08 Country Feedback 
09 The Apologist 
10 So. Central Rain 
11 I'm not Over You 
12 Walk Unafraid 
13 Man On The Moon 
14 At My Most Beautiful 
15 Spooky 
16 Perfect Circle 

I have taken a break from the cassette tapes to focus on my VHS tapes. Most (if not all) of these tapes have been recorded on various hifi stereo video recorders, some in single play, some in long play mode. I've used my most recent video recorder (Sony SLV-SE600) for playback and a stand-alone DVD-recorder (Sony RDR-HX780) to create DVDs. They have no menus and no chapters. If anyone feels compelled to re-author any of them - be my guest. 

Bruce Springsteen - 2003-12-07 - Asbury Park, NJ (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

RuthlessCopyingRecords present
Bruce Springsteen and friends          
"I hate christmas"
December 7. 2003
Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Format: 2 DVD-R 
Video is the previously circulated one dubbed with
the DPA (B&K) 4022s > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony D100 DAT > SHN:
Sony D8 > Metric Halo ULN-2 > Apple PowerBookG4 > Spark XL 2.8 > xACT 1.11 tape
made by scb.

01 - Hold Out Hold Out (Victorious Gospel Choir)
02 - I've Got a Feeling [Everything's Gonna Be All Right] (Victorious Gospel Choir)
03 - Christmas Day (MW7)
04 - So Young and In Love
05 - None But the Brave (Alliance Singers, Soozie & Lisa)
06 - Queen of the Underworld (Jesse Malin)
07 - Wendy (Jesse Malin)
08 - Wild in the Streeet (Garland Jeffreys)
09 - R.O.C.K. Rock (Garland Jeffreys)
10 - Merry Christmas [I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight] (Little Steven)
11 - This Time It's for Real (Southside Johnny, Little Steven, JBJ)
12 - This Time Baby's Gone for Good (Southside Johnny, Little Steven, JBJ)
13 - It's Been a Long Time (Southside Johnny, Little Steven, JBJ)
14 - Seaside Bar Song
15 - Thundercrack
16 - The Wish (Bruce on piano)
17 - Hold On, I'm Comin' (Sam Moore, the Alliance Singers)
18 - When Something is Wrong with My Baby (Sam Moore)
19 - I Thank You (Sam Moore)
20 - Soul Man (Sam Moore)
21 - Shine Silently (Nils Lofgren)
22 - Because the Night (Nils Lofgren)
23 - It's My Life (Jon Bon Jovi)
24 - Kitty's Back
25 - Christmas [Baby, Please Come Home] (all)
26 - Encore: I Don't Want to Go Home (Southside, Little Steven) 
27 - My City of Ruins (Sam Moore)
28 - What's So Funny about Peace, Love and Understanding
29 - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (all) 

Thanks to Mother Nature, what was supposed to be closing night is now the second of three shows. Danny DeVito was not on hand but another local boy stepped up: Jon Bon Jovi. In addition to the other returning guests from night one, Willie Nile joined in for three of the closing rave-ups, "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," "What's So Funny..." and "Santa Claus." The structure of the show remained the same, a couple notable substitutions included "So Young and In Love" for "From Small Things" and "Kitty's Back" for "Mary's Place." Sam Moore was even more impressive on his second night - "My City of Ruins" went from a song he barely knew to one he owns. "My City" and "What's So Funny..." is one heck of a mood-switching one-two punch. Worth waiting in the cold and snow for. Songs listed below have the most prominent guest-artist listed in parentheses, but many performers were on and off stage over the course of the night.

Nirvana - 1985-1994 - The Elmo Collection - A Better Box (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Elmo Collection: A Better Box (V1.0)
December 20, 2016

Lineage (All Tracks Except 91): TBC>FLAC>Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0>FLAC (Level 8)>Mp3tag 2.8.0
Lineage (Track 91): TBC>MP3 (256 kbps)>Mp3tag 2.8.0

01. Sound of Dentage (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
02. Sound Collage (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
03. Bambi Slaughter (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
04. Made Not Born (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
05. Unknown #1 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
06. Unknown #2 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
07. Unknown #3 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
08. Unknown #4 (aka Annorexorcist) (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
09. Unknown #5 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
10. Spank Thru (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
11. Unknown #6 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
12. Class of '86 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
13. Unknown #7 (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
14. Downer (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
15. Unknown #3 (Instrumental) (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
16. Riffs (1986 Fecal Matter Demo)
17. Downer (Soundcheck) (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
18. Aero Zeppelin (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
19. If You Must (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
20. Heartbreaker (Jam) (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
21. How Many More Times (Jam) (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
22. Mexican Seafood (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
23. Pen Cap Chew (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
24. Spank Thru (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
25. Hairspray Queen (Aborted) (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
26. Hairspray Queen (First Live Show, 03-XX-87)
27. Love Buzz (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
28. Floyd the Barber (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
29. Downer (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
30. Mexican Seafood (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
31. White Lace and Strange (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
32. Spank Thru (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
33. Annorexorcist (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
34. Hairspray Queen (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
35. Pen Cap Chew (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
36. Vendetagainst (KAOS-FM Radio, 05-06-87)
37. Love Buzz (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
38. Downer (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
39. Mexican Seafood (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
40. Pen Cap Chew (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
41. Spank Thru (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
42. Floyd the Barber (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
43. White Lace and Strange (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
44. Hairspray Queen (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
45. Annorexorcist (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
46. Unknown #1 (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
47. If You Must (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
48. Unknown #2 (aka Mrs. Butterworth) (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
49. Unknown #3 (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
50. Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (Summer 1987 Skid Row Rehearsal)
51. If You Must (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
52. Downer (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
53. Floyd the Barber (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
54. Paper Cuts (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
55. Spank Thru (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
56. Aero Zeppelin (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
57. Mexican Seafood (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
58. Pen Cap Chew (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
59. Annorexorcist (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
60. Erectum/Moby Dick (Jam) (Live in Tacoma, 01-23-88)
61. Polly (1987-1988 Solo Home Demo)
62. Polly (Alternate Mix) (1987-1988 Solo Home Demo)
63. Seed (1987-1988 Solo Home Demo)
64. Clean Up Before She Comes (1987-1988 Solo Home Demo)
65. Beans (1987-1988 Solo Acoustic Home Demo)
66. About a Girl (1987-1988 Solo Home Demo)
67. Unknown #6 (aka Escalator to Hell) (Long Version) (1987-1988 Solo Home Demo)
68. Big Cheese (Alternate Take)
69. 1988 Capitol Lake Jam Commercial (Alternate Version)
70. Immodium (aka Breed) (April 1990 Studio Demo, Smart Studios)
71. Lithium (Mix 7) (April 1990 Studio Demo, Smart Studios)
72. Verse Chorus Verse (Summer 1990 Solo Acoustic Home Demo)
73. Opinion (Solo Acoustic, KAOS-FM Radio, 09-25-90)
74. Lithium (Solo Acoustic, KAOS-FM Radio, 09-25-90)
75. Dumb (Solo Acoustic, KAOS-FM Radio, 09-25-90)
76. Been a Son (Solo Acoustic, KAOS-FM Radio, 09-25-90)
77. Pennyroyal Tea (Winter 1990 Acoustic Home Demo)
78. Old Age (with Scratch Vocal) (Unmastered)
79. Verse Chorus Verse (with Scratch Vocal) (Unmastered)
80. Lounge Act (Alternate Take) (Unmastered)
81. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Unmastered Butch Vig Mix)
82. Oh, the Guilt (Unmastered Adam Kasper Mix)
83. Curmudgeon (Unmastered Adam Kasper Mix)
84. Return of the Rat (Unmastered Adam Kasper Mix)
85. Heart-Shaped Box (January 1993 Studio Demo, BMG Ariola Ltda.)
86. Milk It (Instrumental Mix) (January 1993 Studio Demo, BMG Ariola Ltda.)
87. Moist Vagina (January 1993 Studio Demo, BMG Ariola Ltda.)
88. I Hate Myself and Want to Die (January 1993 Studio Demo, BMG Ariola Ltda.)
89. Onward Into Countless Battles (January 1993 Studio Demo, BMG Ariola Ltda.)
90. Seasons in the Sun (January 1993 Studio Demo, BMG Ariola Ltda.)
91. Marigold (Alternate Mix with Cello)
92. E. Coli (Summer 1993 Rehearsal Demo)
93. Do Re Mi (1994 Solo Acoustic Home Demo)

Source: Elmo (mynameis_elmo via Reddit)

This is a compilation of all leaks released thus far by Elmo (aka mynameis_elmo) on Reddit. No Editing or Remastering of any kind has been done to these tracks. The only modifications have been to the filenames and metadata. The tracks have been ordered in rough chronological order.

David Coverdale & Jimmy Page - 1993-12-20 - Osaka, JP (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

David Coverdale & Jimmy Page
Castle Hall - Osaka, Japan
1993 Dec 20

Quality: DVD5
Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Video: NTSC 4:3 (704x480)

Track 1: (English) AC3 384kbps: Remastered audio (default)
Track 2: (English) AC3 256kbps: Original untouched audio 

Jimmy Page - Guitar
David Coverdale - Lead Vocals
Denny Carmassi - Drums
Guy Pratt - Bass
Brett Tuggle - Keyboards / Vocals

01 - Absolution Blues
02 - Slide It In
03 - Rock'n'Roll
04 - Over Now
05 - Kashmir
06 - Pride & Joy
07 - Take A Look At Yourself
08 - Take Me For A Little While
09 - In My Time Of Dying
10 - Here I Go Again
11 - White Summer / Black Mountain Side
12 - Don't Leave Me This Way
13 - Shake My Tree
14 - Still Of The Night
15 - Out on the Tiles / Black Dog
16 - The Ocean / Wanton Song / Feelin Hot
17 - Sayonara

Chris Isaak - 2010-07-02 - San Javier, ES (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

XIII Festival International Jazz San Javier
San Javier, Murcia, Spain
Auditorio Parque Almansa
Broadcast by La 2 (TVE)
Recorded with Topfield 5400
Authored with DVD Studio PRO
Artwork included
Aprox. time: 76 minutes

Data bit: 3,67 Mpbs
V’deo: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 16:9
Audio: MP2 EstŽreo, 48 kHz, 192 kbps

01 - Speak of the devil
02 - Wicked game
03 - Go walking down there
04 - Best I ever had
05 - One day
06 - Big wide wonderful world
07 - Worked it out wrong
08 - We lost our way
09 - Take my heart
10 - Western stars (in spanish)
11 - I«ll go crazy
12 - You dont cry like I do
13 - Baby did a bad bad thing

14 - Short Instrumental (only the band)
15 - Blue hotel
16 - San francisko days
17 - Oh, Pretty woman
18 - Blues stay away from me
19 - Blue spanish sky

Complete broadcast but incomplete show (probably the first seven song missed) and even maybe an extra encore if we compare with other tour shows.

Pink Floyd - 1970-07-18 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

01 - More Blues
02 - Embryo
03 - Green Is the Colour
04 - Careful with That Axe, Eugene
05 - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
06 - Atom Heart Mother

Paul Mccartney - 2012-04-15 - Montevideo, Uruguay (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Estadio Centenario [NTSC DVD]

Quality: A/ TRT:65 min.
SOURCE: MASTER Satelitte from record02.ts file
MPEG Video
720 x 480 pixels
29.970 fps

DUAL AUDIO: Stereo & 5.1

01 - Back in the U.S.S.R. (The Beatles song)
02 - I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles song)
03 - A Day in the Life (The Beatles song) (Give Peace a Chance snippet)
04 - Let It Be (The Beatles song)
05 - Live and Let Die (Wings song)
06 - Hey Jude (The Beatles song)

07 - Lady Madonna (The Beatles song)
08 - Day Tripper (The Beatles song)
09 - Get Back (The Beatles song)

Encore 2:
10 - Yesterday (The Beatles song)
11 - Helter Skelter (The Beatles song)
12 - Golden Slumbers (The Beatles song)
13 - Carry That Weight (The Beatles song)
14 - The End

Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1970-04-14 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Royal Albert Hall


John Fogerty:Guitar and Vocals
Tom Fogerty: Guitar
Stu Cook: Bass
Doug Clifford: Drums

01 Born On The Bayou
02 Green River
03 Tombstone Shadow
04 Travelin' Band
05 Fortunate Son
06 Commotion
07 Midnight Special
08 Bad Moon Rising
09 Proud Mary
10 The Night Time is the Right Time
11 Good Golly Miss Molly
12 Keep On Chooglin'

50 Minutes

Pink Floyd - 1970-12-22 - Sheffield, England (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

It's the Harvested release and it is said, that this is probably the Best sounding recorded version of this show.

Pink Floyd
"Rise & Shine" (HRV CDR 035)
City Hall, Sheffield, England
22 December 1970

Lineage: 2nd Gen Recording on TDK AD Cassettes played on NAD 6220 tapedeck into M Audio Soundcard via phono leads > raw WAV files > MOB Remaster > WAV > FLAC
Source tape provided by Pete Austin
Remastering by MOB
Artwork by RonToon
Produced by Harvested Records

Disc One
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast (29:32)
Embryo (14:50)
Fat Old Sun (15:18)
Careful With That Axe Eugene (16:13)

Disc Two
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (12:38)
A Saucerful Of Secrets (26:31)
Atom Heart Mother (33:29)
Atom Heart Mother (reprise) (2:52)

Total running time approx 2 hours 31 minutes

The origins of this copy of the recording are as follows:
I went to University in Sheffield in the UK in October 1981. Sometime in my first year there (not sure if it was 81 or 82) I noticed an advert on a noticeboard in the University's Student Union building by a guy offering rare tapes of Pink Floyd and a number of other bands. I bought this recording on a TDK AD C60 and C120 Cassette (see the photos) from the guy who turned out to be a post-graduate. From my recollection (and it is 27 years ago!) the tapes I got were from his first gen copy from the masters. They are definitely not from vinyl (you can just tell!!!) and it predates the CD or CDR bootleg era. Ironically I think the cassettes have survived well because I only played them a few times as I was more into Stones and Clapton at the time. I guess it could be as little as four or five times prior to me finally capturing them as digital files.I was prompted to transfer it to digital format by two things:

1) I downloaded a couple of the bootlegs from the same date via the internet and I thought, "This is not half as good quality as I remember my tapes being"
2) A friend was clearing out his loft (attic) and offered me a little used NAD tapedeck, so now I had no excuse not to investigate my hunch that I had a better copy of this recording

The finished item is superb. I have really enjoyed getting back into this whole 68-72 Floyd era. I think the desire to get the best version of Sheffield 1970 out to the fan-base has made me go back and take an even greater interest in the legitimate and (ever expanding) bootleg stuff from this era.

A final, but very important note. A big "thank you" to John Johnstone (a colleague from work) who suggested I offered up the raw WAVs of the tapes to the Harvested Team. What an excellent piece of advice!

Pete's tapes were in really good condition, despite their age. The original recording was done with mono equipment, and the music was well centered between the 2 channels of the tapes (generally, old tapes tend to have fluctuations between channels, even if the original recording is mono, but it was not the case here). The hiss was very stable throughout the tapes, with almost no sign of warble.

The main problem with the recording was the speed. The tapes ran too fast, and the speed was not constant throughout the show (this is a well known problem of old analog tape recorders, very dependent on the battery levels fluctuations during a concert). Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast was almost at correct speed, but the speed of the following tracks increased progressively during the songs. The real difficulties began with A Saucerful Of Secrets, because the batteries were probably unloading faster. The speed was different depending on the part of the song, so I had to apply speed correction on a case by case basis. Atom Heart Mother was even worse, the very end really too fast.

After dealing with the speed issues, I carefully applied slight EQ to enhance some particular frequencies that were buried in the original recording (probably due to the original recorder and mics characteristics). An important note is that I didn't try to dehiss the recording. As a result, this remaster still has a good amount of hiss. After all, this is a 2nd gen and you cannot have a significant reduction of hiss without degrading the music clarity. Moreover, I wanted to keep the sound as natural as possible, because the best sounding version of that concert until now was the highly processed "Disgusting Hardly Music", remastered from Pete's tapes too, but with a lot of NR applied. I wanted this new remaster to be a nice alternative to DHM: people who can't stand hiss and don't mind about digital NR artefacts can still enjoy DHM, while people who prefer unprocessed recordings should definitely adopt "Rise & Shine" (of course it's not striclty "unprocessed" because I corrected the speed, applied some EQ and carefully cleaned the drop-outs and tape flaws, but anyway this still sounds "natural", unlike the other versions I heard).

As usual with all my remasters, I also manually cleaned every tape flaw that I could detect (cuts, small drop-outs, pops, crackles ...).

Here are the comparisons we did with the other RoIOs from that concert:
- "Allen's Psychedelic Breakfast" (from Circus Sun APSB 1270 A/B LP): full of vinyl clicks and pops
- "A Psychedelic Night" (Triangle Records PYCD 038 & 039): this silver bootleg CD is muffled and denoised to death
- "Alan's Psychedelic Christmas": 3rd or 4th gen from VHS, too dehissed
- "Pink's Psychedelic Last Night" (Highland HL176): again, very processed (NR)
- "Alan's Psychedelic Master Tape" (Ayanami-227): certainly not from mastertape (Ayanami often claims to have the masters while it's wrong) and over-processed
- "1st Gen": this RoIO is the only other "unprocessed" version apparently circulating, but it sounds more distant than Pete's 2nd gen; I guess the title "1st gen" is not correct, it's more probably 2nd or 3rd gen.
- "Disgusting Hardly Music" (FOS-CDR-001 ): music is very clear but NR artifacts are obvious

To summarize, we think that this new release "Rise & Shine" has the following benefits:
- it's the only Sheffield RoIO with "natural" sound (apart from the so-called "1st gen" which is sounding much more distant)
- it's the only Sheffield RoIO with correct speed for all the tracks
- it's the only Sheffield RoIO with the drop-outs and tape flaws corrected (in particular, you can check the very beginning of Careful's scream: the abrupt cut in the master recording is magically fixed ;-) )

Thanks to Pete for approaching us with this project and supplying us with the great source material. And, of course, thanks to MOB, the James Guthrie of bootlegs!
Enjoy and share freely!
RonToon (February 2009)

Eric Clapton - Nordic Nights with GOD (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Equipment:CA-14 card>CA-9100>Tascam DR-1>8GB SDcard>USB2

MrSamekniv recording
CD Mastering ml13

Eric Clapton (Guitars and Vocals)
Willie Weeks (bass)
Steve Gadd (drums)
Chris Stainton (keyboards)
Tim Carmon (keyboards)
Michelle John (backing vocals)
Sharon White (backing vocals)

Disc One
01. Key To The Highway
02. Going Down Slow
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Old Love
05. Tearing Us Apart
06. Driftin'
07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
08. Same Old Blues (JJ Cale)
09. Layla

Disc Two
01. Badge
02. Wonderful Tonight
03. Before You Accuse Me
04. Little Queen Of Spades
05. Cocaine
06. Encore Break
07. Crossroads

Eric Clapton - Nordic Nights With GOD - Part Two Oslo Remaster
Norwegian Wood Festival, Oslo
June 9, 2011

Disc Three
01. Key To The Highway
02. Tell The Truth
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Old Love
05. Tearing Us Apart
06. Driftin'
07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
08. Same Old Blues (JJ Cale)
09. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
10. Layla

Disc Four
01. Badge
02. Wonderful Tonight
03. Before You Accuse Me
04. Little Queen Of Spades
05. Cocaine
06. Encore Break
07. Crossroads

Eric Clapton - Nordic Nights With GOD - Part Three Herning Remaster
Jyske Bank Boxen,
June 11, 2011

Disc Five
01. Key To The Highway
02. Going Down Slow
03. Hoochie Coochie Man
04. Old Love
05. I Shot The Sheriff
06. Driftin'
07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
08. Lay Down Sally
09. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
10. Layla

Disc Six
01. Badge
02. Wonderful Tonight
03. Before You Accuse Me
04. Little Queen Of Spades
05. Cocaine
06. Encore Break
07. Crossroads

Bonus Disc Seven
Big Bang
Ericsson Globe
Stockholm, Sweden
June 8, 2011

Opening act for Eric Clapton
6 songs

The Mocks
Jyske Bank Boxen
Herning, Denmark
June 11, 2011

Opening act for Eric Clapton
7 songs

Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1984-04-15 - Austin, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Live at the Austin Opera House
Recorded live on April 15, 1984 at the Austin Opera House, TX

Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals
Chris Layton - drums
Tommy Shannon - bass
Guest: Jimmy Vaughan - guitar on “Cold Shot” and “Couldn’t Stand The Weather”

01-Testify 4:22
02-Voodoo Chile 10:07 (the sound engineer forgot to turn up Vaughan’s vocal mic until he went into the chorus of the song)
03-Honey Bee 2:58
04-Mary Had A Little Lamb 3:13
05-Tin Pan Alley 11:11
06-Pride And Joy 4:52
07-Texas Flood 11:15
08-Band Introduction 1:40
09-Cold Shot 4:31
10-The Things (That) I Used To Do 5:11
11-Couldn't Stand The Weather 4:16
12-Stang's Swang 2:47
13-Testify 4:24
14-Band Introduction 1:33
15-Rude Mood 3:52

The Rolling Stones at The BBC (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

BBC 2 Broadcast
November 24th 2012

Video Source: TV Broadcasts

Menu: Yes Basic
Chapters: Yes

Format: PAL 720 x 576
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Pics 25.000 /Frames 25.000 / Fields 50.000
Audio AC3 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)
Number of Discs:1
Disc Type: DVD5

01. Programme Intro
02. Start Me Up (1981)
03. Lets Spend The Night Together (TOTP 1967)
04. Mick Jagger Interview (The Look Of The Week 1967)
05. Get Off Of My Cloud (TOTP 1965)
06. 19th Nervous Breakdown (TOTP 1966)
07. Gimme Shelter (1969)
08. Miss You (1978)
09. Angie (OGWT 1973)
10. Keith Richards Interview (OGWT 1974)
11. Its Only Rock and Roll (1974)
12. Fool To Cry (1976)
13. Brown Sugar (TOTP 1971)
14. Mick Jagger Interview (Nationwide 1982)
15. Jumpin Jack Flash (1968)
16. Dancing With Mr D (OGWT 1973)
17. Honky Tonk Women (1969)
18. Keith Richards Interview (Newsnight 1982)
19. The Last Time (TOTP 1965)

The Eagles - 2001-08-11 - Denver, CO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Eagles
Invesco Field, Mile High Stadium, Denver CO
August 11, 2001

Lineage: CSB w/Bass Rolloff > DAT > Trade CDRs > EAC > WAV > TLH > FLAC 8
Artwork included.
Audience recording.

01 Seven Bridges Road
02 The Long Run
03 New Kid In Town
04 Wasted Time
05 Peaceful Easy Feeling
06 Pretty Maids All In A Row
07 Love Will Keep Us Alive
08 The Boys Of Summer
09 Take It To The Limit
10 The Best Of My Love
11 Already Gone
12 In The City
13 One Of These Nights
14 Witchy Woman
15 Lyin' Eyes
16 I Can't Tell You Why

01 Walk Away
02 Tequila Sunrise
03 Sunset Grill
04 You Belong To The City
05 Life's Been Good
06 Dirty Laundry
07 Funk 49
08 Heartache Tonight
09 Life In The Fast Lane
10 Hotel California
11 Rocky Mountain Way
12 Take It Easy
13 Desperado

Steve Rothery - 2017-01-06 - Frankfurt, DE (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Neue Batschkapp 
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
January 06, 2017 

Source: Audience Zoom Q2HD Recording 
Taped by: SF 
Transferred by: SF 

Zoom Q2HD > Internal Mics Rear 150 > 24/48 > CD Wave > Free Audio Converter > 16/44 > dbpoweramp > Flac Level 8 

Martin Jakubski (StillMarillion, Maiden ScotlandI) - Vocals 
Dinet Poortman (Dave Foster Band) - Guest Vocals 
Steven Rothery - Guitars 
Dave Foster (Panic Room, Mr. So & So) - Guitar 
Yatim Halimi (Panic Room) - Bass 
Riccardo Romano (RanestRane) - Keyboard 
Leon Parr (Mr. So & So) - Drums 

Set 1 The Ghosts Of Pripyat 
01 Morpheus 
02 Kendris 
03 Old Man Of The Sea 
04 White Pass 
05 Summer's End 
Bonus: Ache by Dave Foster Band w/ Martin Jakubski & Steven Rothery 

Set 2 Marillion 
01 Cinderella Search 
02 Chelsea Monday 
03 Incubus 
04 Fugazi 
05 Sugar Mice 
06 Three Boats Down From The Candy 
07 White Russian 
08 Encore Break 
09 Garden Party 
10 Market Square Heroes 
211 Hollywood Nights (Bob Seger Cover) w/ Dinet Poortman 

PJ Harvey - 2012-01-19 - Sydney, AU (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

State Theatre

triplej FM rebroadcast - 20 May 2012
Complete broadcast but not complete show - song order was rearranged (see full setlists below).

Technics ST-610 receiver > Pioneer A-604R amplifier > Edirol R-09 (16bit 44.1khz) > USB > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio (tracking, fades, cosmetic edits) > xACT (fix SBEs + FLAC, md5, ffp)

01 "Live at the Wireless" intro
02 Let England Shake
03 The Words That Maketh Murder
04 The Guns Called Me Back
05 Written On The Forehead
06 In The Dark Places
07 The Glorious Land
08 The Pocket Knife
09 Bitter Branches
10 On Battleship Hill
11 Come On Billy
12 band intro
13 Angeline
14 Down By The Water

Announcers' inane babble and station IDs removed. No music was harmed in the process. No attempt was made to reduce FM hiss which is only audible in the quiet bits. If your software can remove it without affecting sonic quality, please go ahead.

Cocteau Twins - 1983-01-29 - Amsterdam, NL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


TDK AD60 -> Tapedeck Yamaha KX-493 -> Soundblaster AWE32 -> Wavelab 4.0 -> TLH -> FLAC 6

01 - Alas Dies Laughing
02 - Dear Heart
03 - Feathers Oar Blades
04 - Hazel
05 - Shallow Then Halo
06 - Blind Dumb Deaf
07 - Wax And Wane
08 - All But An Ark Lark

Dire Straits - 1992-06-28 - Basel, CH (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Button Recordings
St. Jacob stadium,

DC++ > HDD > TLH > uTorrent

MPEG-2 Program Stream << { 1 vid, 1 aud }
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
3882 kbps
25.000 frames / second = PAL
Top-Field First
4:3 Aspect Ratio

MPEG-1 Layer 2
0xc0:48000Hz 224 kb/s tot , Stereo

01. Calling Elvis
02. Walk Of life
03. Heavy Fuel
04. Romeo & Juliet
05. The Bug
06. Private Investigations
07. Sultans Of Swing
08. Your Latest Trick
09. On Every Street
10. Two Young Lovers
11. Telegraph Road
12. Money For Nothing
13. Brothers In Arms
14. Solid Rock
15. Wild Theme (Local Hero)


The show was broadcasted on Veronica (Dutch TV) and contains the complete show. The video and sound quality are both very good. The video is taken from my own first generation VHS tape and the sound is taken from the best sounding audio soundboard bootleg. Nice show, great performance of the band which is still full of energy here. Nice to see the fireworks at the end of the concert. Moreover, this version is better than the RCJS one (better sound !!thanks B R !!!).

Morphine - 1994-05-15 - Boulder, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Fox Theatre



Disc 1

01 Have a Lucky Day
02 Other Side
03 Pulled Over the Car
04 Fur Bikini
05 The Goddess
06 The Saddest Song
07 All Wrong
08 I Know You (Pt. 2)
09 Candy
10 Supersex
11 Yes
12 All Your Way
13 -Mark talking-
14 Sheila
15 You Speak My Language
16 Free Love
17 Thursday
Disc 2
01 -Dana solo-
02 You Look Like Rain
03 Buena
04 Radar

May 23, 1994
Pinkpop Festival: Landgraaf, NL

Source: FM > DAT

Lineage: DAT(M) > DAT(1) > CDR1 > CDR2 > FLAC

05 -announcer-
06 Claire
07 The Saddest Song
08 A Head with Wings
09 Mary Won't You Call My Name
10 Candy
11 Thursday
12 -interview-

March 23, 1997
Omega Studios: Rockville, MD

Source: FM > DAT

Lineage: DAT(M) > DAT(1) > CDR(1) > CDR(2) > FLAC

13 -intro-
14 Thursday
15 -interview-
16 Empty Box
17 -interview-
18 Wishing Well
19 -interview-
20 Murder for the Money
21 -outro-


Great show and sound quality. This may be from a Pre-FM or FM broadcast, but I'm listing the info I was given. Thanks to CPS for sending me this.

Airbourne - 2010-08-28 - New York City, NY (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Location: Saratoga, New York
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Venue: Rockstar Uproar Festival 2nd stage
Date: 8/28/2010
Video Type: Audiance Shot

Sony XR150 --> Vegas 9 --> DVD Architect Pro 5
NTSC 16:9, Full Menus & chapters, PCM 16/48

01. Chewin The Fat
02. Girls In Black
03. Blonde Bad & Beautiful
04. Too Much Too Young Too Fast
05. Runnin Wild

Monday, September 18, 2017

Paul McCartney - 2013-10-16 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

BBC Radio 2 In Concert & BBC 6music Session
BBC Maida Vale Studios

Broadcast on BBCi (red button)

Technical info:
Video: 720x576 25fps 16:9 VBR MPEG-2 (average bitrate=3.87Mbps)
Audio: 48000Hz joint stereo 192k MP2
Total duration: 01:15:07
Includes chapters & menus.

Fortec Star Zeta satellite PVR -> Firewire out -> MPEG Streamclip -> TMPGEnc DVD Author 3

BBC Radio 2 In Concert:
01 Eight Days A Week
02 Save Us
03 Jet
04 My Valentine
05 1985
06 Another Day
07 Everybody Out There
08 Things We Said Today
09 New
10 Queenie Eye
11 Lady Madonna
12 Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
13 Band On The Run
14 Back In The USSR
15 Hey Jude

BBC 6music Session:
01 Coming Up
02 New
03 interview
04 Get Back

(Direct capture, no re-encoding)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Led Zeppelin - Headley Grange (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Recorded from 1973 to 1974
during Physical Graffiti sessions
Headley Grange Hampshire


01 - The Rover
02 - In My Time Of Dying
03 - Trampled Underfoot
04 - In The Morning (take 1)
05 - The Wanton Song (take 1)
06 - Sick Again
07 - Hots On For Nowhere
08 - The Wanton Song (take 2)
09 - Take Me Home
10 - In The Morning (take 2)
11 - Trampled Underfoot (take 1-6)
12 - The Rover (take 1-3)